How Simple Algorithms Can Help In The Tech World And The Real World

Adejoke Ogundipe
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Most times we get discouraged from pushing on, some times a bug would want to spell your name for a whole day or sometimes you know what you want to do but how to do it is the issue, or in some cases, you have different ideas in your head to a solution.

How do we overcome this, my tech brothers and sisters, well I came to the understanding that take a step at a time, write out everything you want to do, and take your time to understand the problem at hand which brings us to the topic Algorithms.

Algorithms are steps by steps in solving problems and we have different approaches to Algorithms we will be touching one or two today. Kindly stay tuned, so let us dive right in.

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure or a set of well-defined instructions designed to solve a specific problem or accomplish a particular task. Algorithms play a crucial role in computer science and various other fields, as they provide a systematic way to solve problems efficiently and reliably.

An algorithm can be represented in different ways such as natural language, pseudocode, flowcharts, or actual programming code.

Different Approaches Of Algorithms

Backtracking Algorithms

Backtracking algorithms are a form of depth-first search that systematically explores all possible solutions to a problem. They backtrack when they find that the current solution cannot be extended further. Backtracking is useful for solving problems like the “N-Queens Problem,” where you need to place N queens on an N×N chessboard such that no two queens attack each other.

Divide and Conquer Algorithms

Divide and conquer algorithms involve breaking down a problem into smaller sub-problems, solving them independently, and then combining their solutions to solve the original problem. The key idea is to reduce the problem size by dividing it recursively until it becomes manageable. Classic examples include “Merge Sort” for sorting a list and “Binary Search” for finding an element in a sorted list.

Heuristic Algorithms

Heuristic algorithms are problem-solving techniques that prioritize efficiency over optimality. They provide approximate solutions that might not be guaranteed to be optimal but are often good enough for practical purposes. “Ant Colony Optimization” is an example of a heuristic algorithm used to solve optimization problems inspired by the foraging behavior of ants.

Some sites to learn Algorithms are:

  1. hackerRank(
  2. GeeksforGeeks(
  3. Leetcode(
  4. CodeChef(

How can we apply these approaches to our day-to-day activities?

As human beings, we need different algorithm approaches to solve our day-to-day world problems. Let us touch on some of them:

  1. Know the problem: This is the first approach to any real-life problem; you need to know there is a problem for you to look for a solution. A problem known is half solved.
  2. Get a proper understanding of the problem: Sit, rethink, and get more details on what the problem is.
  3. Break down everything (problems) into smaller pieces: If possible, write down the problem.
  4. Pick them one after the other.
  5. Research and ask for help where needed.
  6. Believe in the solutions you came up with: In everything you do, your self-belief matters, and note the solution and write it down in your journal.

An algorithm is everything you need to start resolving any problem in life and in the tech world.

Thanks for reading this write-up with me, and I hope you have learned one or two things from it. Please include algorithms in your day-to-day activities; it is a must-have trait.



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