Is Life Just A Circle or Sphere? Exploring the Timeless Paradox

Adejoke Ogundipe
6 min readAug 30, 2023

In the tapestry of human existence, the shape that life takes has been a subject of contemplation and discourse for centuries. While scientists might lean towards the idea that life is akin to a sphere, I invite you to embark on a thought journey with me today as we explore the notion that life could be more akin to a circle, revolving around the axis of time. As we delve into this intriguing perspective, feel free to share your thoughts as well, for this is a discussion that thrives on diverse viewpoints.

Have you ever paused to consider why so many days seem to blend together, each feeling like a recurring chapter in the same story? It’s as if we traverse a loop of experiences, and each week’s cycle of seven days plays out like a familiar refrain, persisting until the unknown moment when the rhythm shifts and our journey takes a new turn.

Reflecting upon this cyclical nature of our days, I spent a quiet night pondering the essence of time and the patterns that shape our lives. As the pages of the calendar turned, I posed a series of questions to myself: What truly distinguishes one year from another? How do days and weeks differ when, logically, they seem to reiterate endlessly? After all, aren’t we essentially engaged in a repetitive dance, revisiting similar routines day in and day out?

Let me share the insights that emerged during my contemplative musings. But before we delve into the details, I’m curious, dear readers: How do you perceive life’s form? Is it a sphere, symbolizing completeness and three-dimensional complexity, or perhaps a circle, denoting continuity and the perpetual recurrence of time?

Addressing the first question — What sets one year apart from another? — I initially thought of the chronological progression, marked by the incremental increase of years from 2000 to the present, 2023. Yet, as I got deeper, I found myself delving into the enigma and I got another question How was it possible our forebears measured time before the advent of arithmetic? In those ancient days, who was the first to embark on the counting of years? Did this enumeration commence from zero, or was there a different origin point that has been lost to the sands of time?

One undeniable truth emerges: the passage of time is a concept woven through the fabric of generations. While the stories of recorded history share their wisdom, we’re left to contemplate the unrecorded epochs — the forgotten moments, the experiences that slipped through the cracks of time. These ruminations awaken us to the intricate tapestry of existence, where unanswered questions fuel our pursuit of deeper understanding.

The twisty pathways of time show us something important: life isn’t about being scared, but about learning. Life teaches us things because it happens in circles and patterns that repeat. This is like how the seasons change from spring with flowers to autumn with golden leaves. Each part of life is like a different season, with its own special lessons to learn.

Think about how we celebrate a child’s birthday. We remember the day they were born, but if we look deeper, their life journey actually began before they were even born. You could say that the idea of a birthday could go back to when they were conceived — kind of like starting a circle instead of just one point on a straight line. This idea goes against the usual way of thinking and encourages us to think differently about how time goes by.

When I was small I studied the movement of the sun, moon, and even stars and I can remember I questioned a lot of things but sometimes I got a headache at the end of questioning the universe because some things are hidden from human understanding and coupled with my age and level of Information I was exposed to without a mentor or anyone to guide me through my thought. With time I thought that part of me was taking off because I do silent every questioning part of me even though I couldn’t totally, so this write-up opened the closed door of questioning the universe all over after over 12 years and it is here to stay because someone needs to provide the answers and that person is you and I.

Let me share some of the questions I could remember asking, My childish self asked how far truly is the earth to sky apart from what scientists gave us, because to be frank the results were all an assumption.

Another question was is it true there is more than one universe? How many are they and where can they be found? Who named Earth, Earth, and where is the start of the universe, and which universe existed before one?

I have a question on how really big are the stars because I was taught stars are bigger than what we see up at night.

Okay, to stop with this childish question my 12-year-old self was asking the universe. I have this question to ask you, my readers, What do you think is more important in life than life itself because it remains a misery?

I possess a gift of curiosity, a spirit that sometimes gets me into tricky situations. You see, no matter what is said to me, my brain rapidly processes it from various angles, almost instantly. This tendency has led to some conflicts, especially when my dear mother imparts her wisdom. You’re probably familiar with Nigerian moms, particularly those from the Yoruba culture; they’re not the biggest fans of being questioned. This has occasionally sparked conflicts, as I tend to question even her statements.

Over time, I realized that the clashes didn’t necessarily arise because she was unwilling to provide answers, but rather because she often lacked the answers herself. In the past, people simply declared, “Don’t do this, end of story.” However, the elusive “end” and the reason behind it always became my next line of inquiry, much to her amusement 🤣🤣.

My mom’s classic response would be, “You won’t learn now” 🤣🤣 as if my sole purpose was to interrogate her. Yet, believe me, I’ve mastered the art of questioning, even if she’s my prime target.

As we navigate the river of existence, we’re beckoned to ponder whether life is indeed a sphere, representing multifaceted complexity, or a circle, symbolizing the eternal embrace of time’s cyclical dance. In embracing the circle, we find a tapestry woven with threads of learning, growth, and renewal, endlessly repeating yet endlessly evolving.

So, dear reader, I’m all ears: How does your heart perceive this intricate interplay of time and existence? Is life a sphere that expands in all directions, or a circle that encircles us in its enduring rhythm? As we share our thoughts, we unveil the kaleidoscope of perspectives that enrich our understanding and unite us in the grand narrative of life.

So, I will be putting a comma here today: the way you see life is the way life is to you. Learn to question a lot of things, likewise learn to enjoy peace by letting things go.

Thanks to my ever-growing followers; you all are a family to me, and thanks always for believing in me and a take-home thought: “There is more to Life than meets the eyes”

I love you all 🥰🥰🥰❤️.



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